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Leadership: 14 Models for your dynamic!


I created this course for high level students in the ESCP Business School, and then I wrote this Post on LinkedIn.


This morning, I was #Professor for 54 International #Students in a Master of ESCP Business School, for whom (after #LinkedIn for the #Career) I created and did a #Workshop in #Leadership for #Consultants.


Based on 14 Leadership models which I explained, I asked them to work in groups, avec to decide which is the Leadership #model they prefered, #Why, and #How they apply it in their Leadership #Style « as a #Consultant« .


During their presentations, I had tears in my eyes… feeling that they realized so much things on the #behaviour, and they understood, based on my experience, that they can improve their Leadership #Skills and have now the dexterity to adapt their skills to the #Mission‘s expected #Results, AND the #People‘s characteristics.


I am convinced that this course will help them for all their #Career!


I do propose that content as a personalized LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP by videoconference, to companies or associations.
The benefits of this workshop that I offer: improve collective motivation, cohesion, team-building, change management fundamentals…



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